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My Internship at Brace Creative

Please select the dots from the timeline below to display further information on certain adventures and projects I completed while at Brace.

Start Of my Internship with Brace

I first started looking at Internships back in my home town near Cheltenham. I found Brace Creative, which is only a 15 minutes drive away from my home, on a Google search. I then emailed them which is shown below.

” building meaningful relationships, empowering individuality and creating bespoke solutions. ”

This is there motto that they refer to when dealing with their clients. Brace was great to work for and due to the comppany being wuite small but steadily progressing, it was the perfect place to build my marketing skills. I can also use them for a future reference when I apply for jobs after I graduate and take my knowledge with me in industry and through my final year at University.

I initially very nervous when starting at the company due to not working in an industry before, but I was soon welcomed and eased slowly into completing work of my own for the company.

My First Project - 4 The Wedding

4 The Wedding was a company I did a lot of work for during my time at Brace Creative. Find out about the company through the link below.

4 The Wedding Website

I completed content writing for their website to improve their Google ranking and SEO enhancement. I also created Social Media posts for them, set up a Google Ads and recorded their website statistics through Google Analytics.

My first task to complete on my own was to set up multiple Google Ads for 4 The Wedding, to promote the Groomswear, Bridalwear, and their new Bridal Trainers promotion.

The Bridal Trainers Promotion:

I was mainly 'Slacked' tasks by my mentor while at Brace, Reece. The below task was to implement the offer onto the website so when the first 100 people buy the trainers, they get a free garter.

I went on to complete some Social Media potential posts for 4 The Wedding.

I also created some innovative and fun posts on Social Media. I got insipiration of Pinterest, and my imagination based on the companies themes and colours.


While at Brace, I completed a couple of Google Fundamental Qualifications. I will need to renew them each year but it would be good to show a future employeer that I have already completed the correct qualifications. These were free which is a bonus and I completed them both first time due to accumilating knowledge over the summer from various tasks. All courses can be found below.

Other Qualifications

Skills Learnt

You have already seen I completed a couple of Google Courses, but I also learned many other skills too.

I spent much of my time when first starting Brace on SEM Rush, and Pingdom tools, used for enhancing websites and ensuring all their clients websites were appearing high in the Google rankings.

I mostly created Social Media posts for various clients and uploaded the posts ready onto 'Buffer'. This enabled workflow for other, more important tasks to take priority.

I learned how to work in a team environment and we used 'Slack' and 'Monday.com' to record our task progress and message one another.

I was able to advance my Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator skills, and was able to help other people with using certain tools.

Progress at Brace

At Brace my Google Ads campaigns went the best in my opinion. The Bridal Trainer Ad I set up for 4 The Wedding, enabled 3 purchases to be made over a 2 week period, which was an improvement from no purchases at all. I was proud that my Ad made a difference and people were recongising the company more through the Ads.

My overall work performance has greatly become more productive since working in a professional environment as I now know what it is like working in an industry. I am a hard worker anyway but working at Brace has increased my motivation, and improved my time management skills.

Social Media

As a large majority of my time at Brace was creating Social Media posts, here are some below. Due to the amount of work I did and with permission from the company, I am only allowed to show a few of my creations.

My Best Social Media Post

Due to the vast amount of Social Media posts I created for various clients, I can not determine which one achieved the most recongition, however the post below was a favourite of mine, designed for an october post. It did not get any likes but did recieve 5 shares.

My Responsibilities and Involvement

Key Responsibilities:

Some of my key responsibilites included, creating Social Media posts for various clients and submitting them onto Buffer ready to be posted on time, setting up Google Ads and Facebook Ads and comepleting my task list for my mentor at Brace, Reece.

My Involvements:

During my time at Brace I was involved in many meetings, social outings and comepleting work on my own and as a team.

The Offer

Towards the end of my time at Brace Creative, they offered me a part-time temp paid role, so whenever they need extra help they arrange for me to come in and work for them. This was a nice ending to my summer and ensured I remianed in contact with the company incase any full-time roles appeared.

End of my Internship at Brace

On reflection, I had a good time wokring for Brace Creative and would love to particpate in the odd job again for them. I would however, like to experince working for a larger company after my graduation and maybe visit a more corporate career route.

I will be taking contacts for life from this experience.

Below shows a few companies I comepleted work for. (there were many more but due to permission rights I can only show a few)

Timeline of my work at Brace

Below is a timeline of when I started and finished working for Brace.

Key Sotware Used

I used various software I knew already from University while at Brace but I also taught myself new software programs such as Google Ads, SEM rush and Mail Chimp. Later on in my internship I completed the Google Ads and Anayltics qualifications to demonstrate my skills learnt. SEM rush was mainly used for content writing, social media post schedules and certain website statistics. I used photoshop for various picture editing tasks and advertsiing tasks mainly contributing to a companies social media account or for Google Ads. Email marketing was another skill I learnt while at Brace using the aoftware Mailchimp which works well for sign ups and general promotion.

Further Information

My time at Brace Creative was a positive memory, in winch I learned many new skills as a designer and future marketer, but most importantly, I believe it is about having a good and supportive team surronding you. As I go on in the future, down my design career path, I will remember the great work I did while partcipating in my summer worok placement.

Outcomes of my work placement

Prior to my work placement, I was prepared to be very persistent, patient and positive. I wanted to ensure I portrayed the best verison of myself and my capabilities as a designer interested in marketing as I could be.

Now I have completed my work placement, I feel I have taken with me a excellent experince, along with a reference to use in my CV and when for applying for future roles in the same industry. I enjoyed working for the company so hopefully I will do some work with them again, but for the time being I would like to venture into another company. This will provide me with more experince working in a more corparate company or with a larger company in general.

I later on requested feedback from my placement and below is what I received. I was very pleased with this outcome.