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RSA Project

Citizens As Shapers

Our task was to choose a breif by the RSA Awards team. I choose to do "Citizens As Shapers" which was all about designing something to increase public participation in decision making.

Project Brief

Design a solution that harnesses digital tools to increase the quality of citizens participation in democratic processes. .

Below is the full brief from the RSA website.

Initial Ideas

I brainstormed ideas to start the project and gather thoughts and aspects that may go towards the RSA projects.

My Objectives for the project this semester include:

To create a system/object/tool that will encourage more citizens to vote/take part in the voting process (targeting youths).

Also, give people more and simplified information on the political manifestos.

Give people more of a chance to be involved.

Campaign Names/Slogans:

Citizens 4 life

Gov needs you

Your vote matters

Make a note to vote

Save your throat and vote online

Imagine a vision and get in your decision

Save the day and have a say

Your voice matters

Decisions 4 life

On the website:


Game (kid and adult version)

Information on the political parties

Sign up option to complete it online (maybe a proxy?)

Further Ideas:

Some people may have a language barrier, so make sure the website (possibly) has different languages suited to the person

Maybe instead of just having the game/information on a website have it located in certain shopping malls on the tourist information boards

Also encourage meet-ups for people to discuss and have talks from people that know a lot about politics (instead of just the online chat)

Time Mangement

I created a Gnatt Chart to keep on track with my studies and projects this semester and have good time management. I always ensure I have enough time towards the end of the semester to make appropriate changes and submit my work.


I wanted to ensure I fully researched ideas to use in the design process. This also gave me inspiration.

Please select the buttons below to go to the specific research section or just scroll through:

Campaign Research

Competitor Research

Voting Research


Primary Research

Campaign Research

I firstly researched into various campaigns that have been successful.

Change 4 Life

Campaign through NHS

Similar as I can run mine through GOV.UK

Nice and easy set up on Website (everyone can use it- not too technical)

Good balance of videos, activities and information (how well its delivered)

Easy sign up system

Primary schools have generated 50,000 sign ups- maybe introduce another party

Change 4 Life

Elf Yourself

Could create “Pol yourself”- politicians dancing video.

Started in 2006 and since has returned every year- successful

Fun for all

Elf Yourself

"Yes You Can"

Have a catchy slogan/phrase

Make it favourable amongst the public


Yes You Can


Make it factual- provide people with relevant facts and figures

Government campaign to stop smoking/drinking

Make its easily readable


Competitor Research


YouGov is a web platform that gives users an insight into all things related to politics, such as political news.


BBC - Council elections: Five ways to get more people to vote

This news article gives users basic informtaion about voting. It also says to target young people due to them not being aware of local polls taking place.


Grime 4 Corbyn

Encourages people and grime fans to register to vote. "It's hard to say what effect the support of grime MCs had in 2017, but some credit them with getting more young people engaged with politics." - BBC 2019

BBC - Grime 4 Corbyn

Stand Up 4 Brexit

Their aim is to ensure the democratic will of the British people to leave the EU is delivered.

Stand Up 4 Brexit

Voting Research

Ways of Voting

GOV.UK- register to vote

Rising vote


Written- Ballot (receive a poll card and drop it in your local election point)

Roll Call

Vote by mail (if you’re abroad/away from home)

Voting by proxy (someone votes on your behalf)

How many UK citizens vote?

In 2016, 46,843,896 people voted

This is an increase of a million from 2015

UK population is 65.6 million

60% of the population can vote

53,136,000 people are over 16 years old

Roughly 6,292,104 of people that can vote don’t

Not enough people are voting (could be more)

UK has an ageing population- look at this more than youth?

People could be voting for the wrong reasons

Some may see it as too much effort

Maybe target at more diverse groups such as LGBT, disabled etc

I also had an idea of creating a digital poll station, or have debates of all the parties that people can watch or become involved in. This would be good for the people with less access and people who cant not leave the house.

Radio 4 - Digital Courts

Design Research

The Gov.UK website is a good place to start with my design. It is simple and if I wanted to partner with them in the future, it would follow their branding guidelines.

The NHS website is a clear and functional design.

The Change 4 Life website links to the NHS but uses different branding completely. This might be something to consider with my designs as it shows eventhough it is part of one thing, it does not need to look the same and can have its own identity.

Primary Research

I collected some primary research by creating a Google Forms questionaire. I asked peers and other friends and family to participate. I was then able to use my findings towards my project.



Digital Designs


I started my designs by sketching my initial ideas including the site map.

I thought of branding the idea and adding more details.

Digital Designs

I then decided to create digital designs.

I then wanted to incorparate some branding so decided to create a logo.

I wanted the site to look more like the Gov.UK website so therefore developed the design further.


I then realised it didn’t quite fit the brief and wanted it to focus more on (all) people having a say rather than getting people to vote.

I then focused on 16-29 year olds as they are the age range less likely to vote because they don’t know much about it and especially for 16 and 17 year olds as they can get to know the information before they even get to their 18th birthday.

I also wanted other people who can’t vote for reasons such as not a UK resident, but still live in the UK to give them an opportunity to voice their opinions.


It is good to recieve feedback throughout the project. It enables me to make changes I had not thought of and improve my work. I decided to ask for feedback from my target market (16 - 29 year olds) to gather their thoughts.

Developed Designs

I decided after my feedback to create further designs.

I decided to put a moodbaord together so I was able to add various colours in my work. I used the political party colours to relate to the project.

I then tried to used these colours in my designs.


I wanted to improve the "chat" element of my idea.

I researched some ideas.

Below are my updated chat bot designs.


Due to my previous feedback, I thought of using more sophisticated colours to appeal to my target market.

Below is the first outcome of using the new colours.

I trialed gradients to create a more innovative look.

Below shows the change of using the more pastel gradient.

To submit the RSA idea, I am required to provide my idea on boards. The opening board is the most important due to it being the first thing they see of my work, therefore, if they do not like it they will not look at the rest of my work.

Final Outcome

The final outcome was successful due to finally submitting my idea to the RSA awards. Unfortunately I was not a winner but I enjoyed the project and feel I developed an idea that could in the future be used.

Final Idea

To create a portal which will allow the public to chat on a forum/interface about politics (party specific chats and random on the different parties), take part in a political related quiz (could help them in the voting process to make the right decision), give information on the different parties and have a map to show people to the nearest polling station or to a political meeting and notifies them when a next meeting in there local area is happening in advance.

I created a basic wireframe prototype of how my idea would work and the users journey of the app/portal.


I also completed further hero image designs. It was very important to get this right as this is the first image the RSA judges would see.

Submitted Work

The boards below is what I sent off to the RSA judges to be reviewed.

Key Sotware Used

I used various software I knew already and have learned from my last 2 years at University. It is important in third year to build on the skills we already know rather than trying to teach ourselves something new. This makes us more advanced in our specific areas of design.

Target Market

The target market for my RSA project is, young people old enough to vote (aged 18 - 29 year olds). I choose this age range due to youths not participating as much as older people.

About the RSA

The RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) believes in a world where everyone is able to participate in creating a better future.

Through our ideas, research and a 30,000 strong Fellowship we are a global community of proactive problem solvers, sharing powerful ideas, carrying out cutting-edge research and building networks and opportunities for people to collaborate, influence and demonstrate practical solutions to realise change.

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