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Transmedia Project

End of Year Exhibition

The Transmedia exhibition is a yearly event for the DMD team. It is a chance for all of us to showcase our best work, and make connections with the people that attend the event.

Project Brief

Within this module, you will explore all stages of the production process in putting an exhibition of student work together (End of Year Show). You will critically research the role of specialist skillsets within the production team, advanced production techniques, the generation of templates to speed up the design and production process and find techniques and strategies for testing and managing the quality of putting a display of digital products in a format for public viewing. This module will also introduce you to the range and structure of organisations and institutions that govern and set standards within the digital media industry. In addition, you will develop an awareness of who your audience is for the Exhibition and how best to design and plan for exhibitions. You will also undertake critical research to explore a range approaches to marketing and brand value relevant to the promotion of your work.

In this semester, you will undertake the planning, organisation and marketing of the end of year exhibition “TransMedia”. You will need to devise marketing material and advertise the exhibition to industry and the public, plan the venue, curate the exhibition of work and liaise with the different cohort year groups. You will be asked to apply and evidence the ways in which you have applied quality management to this project.

During the Transmedia project, I was responsible for the room plans alongside potential branding and being in charge of the social media accounts and posts. As I really enjoyed the social media project last semester, it was great to continue what I had learned this semester. I used 'Buffer' to organise the daily social media posts.


Initial Ideas

I brainstormed ideas to start the project and gather thoughts and aspects that may go towards the exhibition. As a group we all had a meeting once a week to share these ideas to move forward with the show planning.

Time Mangement

I created a Gnatt Chart to keep on track with my studies and projects this semester and have good time management. I always ensure I have enough time towards the end of the semester to make appropriate changes and submit my work.


I sketched many ideas before creating the room plans and possible branding for the show. This enabled me to elaborate on my ideas while I was in the designing stage.

Sketches of branding for Transmedia

Sketches of the room design. The coloured dots/lines symbolise each year group, and the arrows and other icons symbolise the roite in which a visitor may take.

Further sketches of the room plan using the actual room layout given to me by my lecturer.


In order to continue with my sketched deisgns, I decided to research into more branding designs. I also researched into social media and optimum posting times etc to get the most recongition as possible on my posts.

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Branding Research

Social Media Research

Placing Research

Branding Research

I created a couple of moodboards to get insipiration for the Transmedia branding.

I then looked into further colour ideas and I liked the idea of going for blue, red and grey as a theme.

Social Media Research

I decided to research into social media optimisation to ensure the show recieves many sign ups and people attend as they are intrigued. Below is a chart of what our DMD class created last semester to use when planning our social media campaign. It shows a simplified breakdown of when the best time is to post, the type of users on that platform and some statistics.

The main social media platforms researched further:

I then looked into what images and branding I need to create for the social media platforms. This enabled me to create a social media page that looks professional.

Placing Research

I firstly read on eventbrite on how to draw people's attention to your stand at an exhibition. I thought this would give me some ideas of how to plan my room layout and create interesting stands for each year group.

Eventbrite Stand Ideas

Due to relying on the Univeristies budget to host the exhibition, we were quite limitted when looking at decorations for the show, so therefore had to create a lot of things on our own. Below shows the orginal space we were hosting the Transmedia show in.

Half way through planning the show, we were told we were actually hosting in the Stripe Building on the main university campus, due to a double booking. This worked better for us as it meant we had a theatre for the third years 'Pitch your Project' speeches and then three further rooms to display students work.

The room plan changed slightly as we applied for 6 big 40” interactive screens instead of everyone bringing their laptops in. This way students can show their work 2 at a time on the screens which will make the networking more social as well as freeing up a lot of space for other things to be going on.

Below shows the proposal sent to the deen to be approved for the purchase of the screens.

Social Media Posts

My idea was to do one post a day across all three social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) of students best work. It was difficult to recieve everyones work so I had to constantly remind people to send in their work, to ensure there was a different post each day to intrigue the visitors.

Below are some examples of what I have done along with the insights.

I then created final wireframes of how the full app would work.

Leading up to the Transmedia exhibition, I decided to create a fun video on Adobe After Effects to use for the competition post.

Competition Video

I did some further research on Facebook as this social media platform was performing the worst.

I asked the Student Union to retweet my posts to get the show more recongition.

Developed Digital Designs

After my initial sketches for the branding of Transmedia, I decided to create them digitally. I also wanted to create a snapchat filter to be used on the day to attract people using snapchat in the Winchester area.

Eventhough I completed these logo designs, as a class we voted for the branding we wanted for Transmedia, and we chose Jana's design, which is shown below.

I sketched some snpachat filter ideas and then developed them on Adobe Photoshop.

I then tried out snap lenses aswell as the filter.

I decided to go for just the filter due to having to fund it myself.


On the day of the Transmedia exhibition, our whole class recieved a positive feedback as it was a successful day.

Final Outcome

On the day many of our visitors and the rest of the DMD team had fun and got involved with what was on offer. Unfortunately, after having 40+ sign ups on eventbrite, only around 10 visitors attended on the day. See photos below.

Grace and I created a photo area for people to tag us on the day and share with their followers/friends.

I also created a video showing how the user would use the app for the journey aspect.

On the Day Video

As well as Transmedia's own posts, we recieved mentions and comments from visitors including someone from an local design agency.

Key Sotware Used

I used various software I knew already and have learned from my last 3 years at University. It is important in third year to build on the skills we already know rather than trying to teach ourselves something new. This makes us more advanced in our specific areas of design.

Target Market

The target market for Transmedia is local design agency people, students at the University and business people.

Branding Guidelines

As a group we decided on the branding for thr Transmedia Exhibition early on in the semster, so we were able to develop and create further ideas towards the show such as posters, social media posts and other marketing ideas. Here are some examples of the branding Yana created for the 2019 event.